Born in 1957, I am a citizen of Klaipėda (Lithuania), Algirdas Darongauskas, a member of the Lithuanian Union of Photo Artists, living with a camera day and night since the age of 13...

It is already three decades that art photography has been an essential part of my life. 

I have built up a huge collection of photos of the famous religious celebration in Žemaičių Kalvarija; 
I have been taking "portraits" of stones in Mosėdis for two years, and like Paul Sezanne to his St. Victoria Mountain year after year I return to Olandų Kepurė (the Dutchman's Cap). 

It has become my obsession - this kilometer-and-a-half stretch of ever-changing stony seashore... A bewitching place with occasionally emerging INCREDIBLY MAGICAL PHANTASMAGORICAL STONES...

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